Do You Know How to Love Me?

Do you know how to love me?
This question hangs in the air
Are you able to lay down all that you
For all that I am
To love me
To model Christ
To be for life
Do you know how to love me?
Words twist in the air
My feelings are everywhere
I doubt you care


Day 6: Write a Personal Mission Statement #31DayReset

I value TRUTH, honesty, commitment, loyalty and trust. I am the daughter of the Most High God and will act accordingly. I am blessed beyond comprehension. I am saved and sanctified by the blood of Jesus which allows me power over the enemy.

I value health, wholeness, nature and preservation. I strive to stomp out injustice and to advocate for the defenseless.

I am passionate about the arts and will use my talents for the Lord.

I will take every experience in my life as a valuable lesson and grow as an individual.

I will continue to strive to make this world a better place by educating and spreading knowledge.

Lastly, I will live life without fear. For God holds me in the palm of His hand. Life without borders.