I’m Sorry if I’m Asking Too Much

I’m sorry if I’m asking too much

But in a world filled with insecurity, coldness and isolation

I just want something real

I want to know you’ll be there

I want to know you want me too

In a world that has made people disposable

I want to know that I’m indispensable to you

I want to know that your heart beats faster when I draw near

I want to know that you’ll always be here

I need to feel that you feel me

In the innermost part of your soul

The part you can’t control

I want to know that you’ve never met anyone like me

I want to know that I make you think of impossibilities

I want to know you know me

In the innermost part of my soul

The part I can’t control

I’m sorry if I’m asking too much

I just need to know you crave my touch

That you want me as much as I want you

That you know, to you, I’ll always be true

I need you with the part of me

That no one ever sees

The place where my feelings go to hide

The place my pride has gone to die

I’m sorry if I’m asking too much

If it’s not passion set on fire

I don’t want it

So many things are mundane


Just getting by

My love can’t be

It will be an inferno

The air will be set on fire


Whenever I say your name

Can you feel me?

Somewhere between sleeping and wake

The purge

Sweet release of utterance

I’m sorry if I’m asking too much

Too soon







Do You Know How to Love Me?

Do you know how to love me?
This question hangs in the air
Are you able to lay down all that you
For all that I am
To love me
To model Christ
To be for life
Do you know how to love me?
Words twist in the air
My feelings are everywhere
I doubt you care


Like the waves to the shore

My love for you is a rush

Of intense burning



I never want you

To stop hearing the incessant melody

That is you and me

You’re my heart beat

You’ve got the best of me

The only part of me

I dare show



Our love is golden

Tender to the touch

I want you so much

Melt into me

Become one with me

Me and you

This can’t be undone

You make me free to release


Everything inside of me

So true

Me and you








~Aisha Antoinette

Love Me Back to Normal #NationalPoetryMonth

This thing that I am about to ask you
it may not be fair
I need you to
Love me back to normal

Past the hurt and the pain
Past the loss and the gain

I need you to love me so I can love me so we can be we

I need you to love me beyond everything you’ve ever thought you felt

Love beyond all reason
Throughout all four seasons
When the winds of hell are raging
When my face is aging

Love me back to normal
Love me past the sea
Underneath the willow tree
Make love to my mind
Captivate my soul
With secrets untold
Yet unfolded unto me

Love me back to normal
Not quite to sanity
But not yet touching lunacy
Love me from your beginning to
My end
Round and round
Back again

Love me when all roads are dead ends
Love me like you’ll never breathe again

Love me back to normal
Because I’m in between the place
In between the space
of finding you
And you finding me

We just have to be

This may not be fair to ask of you

But I need you to love me

Beyond me

Beyond my faults

Beyond my thoughts

I need to be the one that you need while needing you completely

Love me back to normal

To the place that we can be one forever






I’ll see you there

~Aisha Anotinette Picott

Crown Jewel


I am His crown jewel

The apple of His eye

I am the one who is always on His mind

I am His Amethyst

His Bronze Princess

It takes only one look in the Book

To attest to this

I am so unworthy

Yet in His eyes worthy all the same

It’s a miracle

That He can even feel this way

He pampers me with sunlight

Lulls me to sleep with the Moon

I feel He is coming

And coming back soon

He wakes me in the morning

With the sweet sound of song

He guides my every step

The whole day long

His most precious treasure

No one can measure

My worth to my God

It’s incalculable



How holy is the Lamb of God

Yet it’s my name He breathes

Calling out

Beckoning me

I am so in awe

Of the blessings He rains down on me

His Mystic Quartz

His Arabian Jewel

He awakens my senses

Combats all these fools

Who think they can trick

The King’s most precious

He dares anyone to come test this

Woman who knows her worth

Has been engulfed in His love

Heaven on earth

Our love grows deeper

With every passing hour

I’ve bloomed into a lily

My most favorite of all His flowers

My faith so strong knowing

He’ll give me nothing I can’t bear

In exchange He whispers

Songs of Solomon into my ear

Holding on to me so tight

In the middle of the night

He knows that’s when I need Him most

His loving Spirit surrounds me

Most wonderful Holy Ghost

I’m In Love with Love

I’m in love

With love

I’m addicted to

The dizzying spells of euphoria

The scent of your cologne

The smell of your breath

Everything about you

I am in love with you


The way you make me feel

Everything is alright

When you are in my sight

I can’t get enough of you

Loving you

Touching you

Please stay with me, love


I need you

I am a feign for you

Can you


‘Feenin’ for me?

An addict for your ambrosia

Honey scented words washing over

Every part of me

Become one with me

Fall into me as I fall into you, love


I am so in love with you

I need you

Yearn for you

I take pleasure in anything


About you

I want you

I need you

On my knees, love

Let me cater to you, love

I love, love

How you love me, love

Violent love

Forcing me to my knees, love

A rush of wind knocked out of me, love

I can’t breathe, love





I don’t want to be a fool

For love


But what you do to me, love

Is beyond all comprehension

You make me forget who I am

Where I am at

Any pain I may be going through, love


You feel so good, love

Just keep me

Stay with me

Keep loving me, love

I love you

*Inspired by my friend Jacita, who is just as in love with love as I am.