Misadventures in Dating: Phone Calls/Text

So, I’m officially dating again. I’m accepting invitations for coffee, lunch, drinks or dinner. It’s official. I believe God has healed me from “The Incident of 2013” and I’m testing the waters again. What’s funny is that I found that to date I have to be social lol and over the past year I’ve withdrawn a bit – so baby steps.

I thought I would document my journey in hopes of gathering/offering support because if there is one thing my friends and I agree on – dating sucks.

Especially for a single mom like myself.

The first thing I want to note is texting.

People don’t call anyone anymore.

Before I continue, the last time some one tried to seriously date me (in person) was 2008.

He asked for my number and called me. Which I thought was the normal thing to do.

Fast forward to 2014. I’ve gotten many text messages…and no phone calls.

What does this mean?

You want to get to know someone no strings attached?

Is hearing someone’s voice now something intimate?

Are they just not that into you?

Is it just easier?

Navigating the dating waters without proper technological training nor etiquette is unnerving.

What does it all mean?

And if you do call does that mean your interest has risen from text worthy to voice worthy?

What gets you to voice worthy? Do people assume you won’t be able to speak?

Is it because I’m a mom? They assume I’m busy?

Why so many questions?

My Master’s degree was easier to get.


What do you think? Should a phone call be made initially? Or is texting just the norm?

Should you eventually call someone to ask them out?

Is “Do you wanna meet up?” a date? Or is that pre-date talk?

I am so confused.

So share your thoughts in the comments. What do you think?texting_1455781c


4 thoughts on “Misadventures in Dating: Phone Calls/Text

  1. Yeah I am with you. I don’t get it. I recently did some dating and texting is just not the best form of communication. I cannot remain consistent in a text convo very long, I loose interest and put the phone away. You cannot get to know someone through text because you can only communicate pieces at a time. You cannot hear the tone of the persons voice or see the body language behind the communication. It is just words on a screen left for you to figure out the tone and the meaning on your own.

  2. I think texting has its place. Sometimes you want to say something quick or just check in. However texting should not be the dominant form of communication! I hate it when you call someone and they text you back “Hey whats up”. Unless they really can’t talk I would expect a return call. Is that asking for too much?? Lol!!

    • That’s what I’m saying! When it’s the ONLY form of communication. It’s like, “Hey, this thing works as a talking device as well!” lol! But also what does it MEAN when they only text you? That’s what I’m confused about.

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