Come Get Your Role Models!


“Your New Role Models” that’s what the newest cover of VIBE magazine says. It depicts “reality” stars on the front cover, scantily clad and oozing sex appeal.

Black women are already portrayed as having an attitude and being rude, catty and obnoxious. Reality TV shows such as the ones these “ladies” are on do nothing but add fuel to that stereotypical fire. I believe that anyone who has a large audience has some kind of responsibility to society to be a “good” role model.

But for half a million dollars I’m guessing standards can be shifted and morals hidden to make for “good tv.”  When is enough going to be enough? What won’t we be willing to do for money?

Why go to college and work hard when we can bare it all, act a fool and get paid near millions?

I know some friends who watch “reality tv” and I’m not here to judge. I just want to know what do we tell our daughters?  Nieces? Cousins? God-Daughters? It’s okay to watch and be entertained but you better not act like this?! It’s okay and funny when other people are fighting in clubs over men but you better not do it?! It’s okay to watch this in our home but don’t you dare act that way toward your sisters and friends!? We need to practice what we preach. WE are their greatest examples and role models.

It may seem like harmless fun but it has bigger implications than you may think.

What happened to the days when respect was better than attention?

Come get your role models…because I don’t want ’em!


3 thoughts on “Come Get Your Role Models!

  1. I don’t even understand how women like those can be considered rolemodels. It’s depressing to think that society has sank down to such a level where a scantily dressed woman is portrayed as someone we must look up to.

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