Nappy Anniversary to Me!!!!

WOW! A year has finally arrived! It has been one heck of a year too, I can tell you that! In going natural I’ve found so many blogs, other naturals, products, etc. This is a whole community – one that even has their own language! If you understand “I’m going to pre-poo with EVOO, then cowash for a WnG” then you know what I mean! LOL! Anyway, in my year these are the TOP 10 things I’ve learned.

10. Conditioner is my best friend.

9. There is a whole community that has their own language dedicated to natural hair.

8. Women who go natural are just so nice.

7. My name is Aisha and I am a product junkie.

6. Black hair grows!

5. Research is very important. I’ve become an expert on ingredients and I know what my hair likes and what it doesn’t.

4. Of all the advice out there no one is a better expert on your hair than YOU are.

3. I love my color but I regret coloring it. I miss the extra softness of my hair.

2. My hair LOVES water.

1. I love my hair. Never really thought about it until I stopped chemically damaging it. She’s a full head of hair, who loves long DC’s while cleaning and a great movie or two while being twisted up. She enjoys coconut oil and being massaged. She even enjoys bananas and avocado! This is one cool chick. I’m glad I met her.


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