Day 7 & 8: Create a Life Map & Rest, Reflect and Comment

Day 7: Create a Life Map

Today’s challenge was to create a life map using areas we reflected on in our Day 2 of the challenge “Life Assessment.” This is where I think about where I want my life to go. This will be fun! Here goes:

Lifestyle: Big house (enough for all the fam to be cozy), big kitchen where I can experiment with new dishes and making my own hair products, living someplace WARM, Regular travel

Work: Working in a hospital setting helping patients to optimize their health by making better decisions, advocating on patient’s behalf

Education: Master’s Degree, photography class

Finances: No debt, good credit score and 6 months worth of savings

Health: Regular check ups, eating healthy and maintaining my vegetarian diet

Family: Regular time spent with family members. Together for holidays.

Relationships: Married with baby on the way and maintaining my friendships


Day 8: Reflection

The most important thing I learned about myself this week is that with a little determination I can get anything done.

My favorite exercise this week was the life map. It was so fun to envision where I want to be.

I probably struggled the most on the mission statement. I’ve never had to write one about my life.




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