Crown Jewel


I am His crown jewel

The apple of His eye

I am the one who is always on His mind

I am His Amethyst

His Bronze Princess

It takes only one look in the Book

To attest to this

I am so unworthy

Yet in His eyes worthy all the same

It’s a miracle

That He can even feel this way

He pampers me with sunlight

Lulls me to sleep with the Moon

I feel He is coming

And coming back soon

He wakes me in the morning

With the sweet sound of song

He guides my every step

The whole day long

His most precious treasure

No one can measure

My worth to my God

It’s incalculable



How holy is the Lamb of God

Yet it’s my name He breathes

Calling out

Beckoning me

I am so in awe

Of the blessings He rains down on me

His Mystic Quartz

His Arabian Jewel

He awakens my senses

Combats all these fools

Who think they can trick

The King’s most precious

He dares anyone to come test this

Woman who knows her worth

Has been engulfed in His love

Heaven on earth

Our love grows deeper

With every passing hour

I’ve bloomed into a lily

My most favorite of all His flowers

My faith so strong knowing

He’ll give me nothing I can’t bear

In exchange He whispers

Songs of Solomon into my ear

Holding on to me so tight

In the middle of the night

He knows that’s when I need Him most

His loving Spirit surrounds me

Most wonderful Holy Ghost


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