Blog! My dear, lovely, personal blog! How I’ve missed you! Grad school and internship does not want us to be great! I’ve come to visit though!

So, I’ve gotten into a steady rhythm with balancing grad school, internship, Josh and life…ect. ect. ect ect. This is mainly in part to me having…

No joking! This child of mine will do everything including making himself breakfast! He’s only 8 yrs. old! I appreciate him so much for sharing his Mommy with Academia. He is going to be so blessed for it!

Hair news!

Whoo loving my natural hair…just wanna show my appreciation for the last 8 months her and I have been together…

In OTHER juicier related news…I may or may not be in like with someone <~~that’s ALL you get! hee hee

That’s it I’m gone! On my way to yoga which I just picked back up again!


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