Day 3: #31DayReset Challenge – Write a Letter to Yourself

Our goal today:

1. Write a love letter to myself

2. Send it to myself using Future Me


Dear future Esha,

Congratulations on all the progress you’ve made so far! You now have even more to be grateful for in each area of your life, including the following:

You have made more peace with your surroundings and have come back from vacation refreshed and renewed and ready to embark on your new internship journey! You are preparing to enter an internship that you are very excited about. I pray much success and that you show the light of Christ to all that you come across. You are now in grad school full time! I am so proud of you. Through blood, sweat, and tears you managed to attain the highest level of education that you set out for yourself. Even in the hardest times you stuck through it when you could have quit. Your tenacity and determination inspire and encourage me.  I love how you’ve begun to save for your Social Work license and the move to Florida already. I admire your frugality with your money even though there are things you really want to buy you refrain and your sacrifices will pay off in the future. I love how you are attentive to you and your family’s health. Keep up the good work! Remember to keep exercising and taking mental health breaks from the inundation of social media! I love that you continue to keep your family first and making sure they are okay. Continue to get closer to them. I love that your relationships with your friends are as deep as they are. Continue to cultivate those friendships and every so often thank the people who support and encourage you.

Your life is so much better now and it’s all because of your hard work.  Keep it up!

Past Aisha 🙂


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