Day 2 #31DayReset Challenge: Life Assessment

Today we were asked to do a LIFE ASSESSMENT. I’ve never done one before so let’s go!

To complete this exercise, you will take an honest assessment of seven specific areas of your life:

  • Lifestyle (satisfaction with where you live/living environment, how you spend your leisure time these days)
What I like: I have a roof over my head. My days are spent with my son, school work, my best friends and Scrabble and I love it right now 🙂 Also, I’ve been able to travel so much in the last two years, I am so grateful and amazed and how big and beautiful our world is. God is so good!
What I don’t like: Living in NYC…I’m running away to Florida as soon as I’m done with school!
  • Work (satisfaction with where you work right now, what you do to earn your living)
What I like: That I was recently rescued from a job that was sucking my soul from my body and still able to have an income. Also, excited about my new internship at the hospital this year 🙂 I also enjoy being a full time mom 🙂
What I don’t like: Sometimes I do get a bit antsy but it fades when I realize I have homework due. School is my job.
  • Education (satisfaction with your educational attainment to date – college, vocational school and other learning goals)
What I like: The fact that I will have THREE degrees by May 2012 is just… seriously, one of my biggest accomplishments in life.
What I don’t like: That it TOOK so long. But I am exactly where God wants me to be. No worries. 🙂
  • Finances (the current state of your budget/money management, salary, net worth, debt-to-income ratio)
What I like: That God has seriously miraculously provided for me every time I needed it. I want for nothing.
What I don’t like: That I had to use my savings for a family emergency but it’s being built back up. When you give in abundance God does not turn a blind eye.
  • Health (the current state of your mental, physical and spiritual health – mind, body, soul)
What I like: I’m whole. Praise Jesus.
What I don’t like: This belly. Die fat! Die! LOL
  • Family (the quality of your relationships with family members, siblings, children)
What I like: My family has never been closer. I thank God for the time I get to spend with them. God wants to heal the families first and I am glad we have each other’s backs.
What I don’t like: That a few of my family members aren’t saved. 😦
  • Relationships (the quality of your relationships with friends and romantic partners)
What I like: I adore my friends. God gave them to me right on time. I am able to be affectionate with them and lavish my love on them and they appreciate my needy self.
What I don’t like: Romantic partners: None. LOL  But that’s because God wants it like that right now and I concur. Maybe next year…after school… (insider)

So, all in all, I am pretty content and satisfied with life. I thank God for everyday I wake up because it is indeed a gift. I am happy and content within myself. I have goals and I am on the way to obtaining them. My son is happy, healthy, intelligent and well-mannered. I am happy and content with me. I love myself. I love the woman I have become. I love my love for other people; the desire to serve others more than myself. I love my desire to change what’s wrong in the world…a true social worker’s heart. I still have work to do but I am happy now and excited about the future!

Have you assessed your life lately? It’s always good to do a self-check. Feel free to share in the comments below or keep your own journal!


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