Kim Kardashian is Engaged and Other Stuff I Could Care Less About

So, Kim Kardashian is engaged. -__-

I really fail to understand why we give these “celebrity” relationships so much attention. I think that the world forgets that the divorce rate is the highest among these people. They marry like the regular world dates. Six months of dating, Kim? How did your other relationships work out? What makes you think this one will be different? Not to mention that you are one of the worse role models ever. Why go to school? When girls look at you they see how good you did using your body. They wonder what a “leaked sex tape” can do for them, too! It doesn’t help that society idolizes you for your…efforts.

So forgive me for not congratulating you, Kim. I will completely take this back when you are married for 10 years to this man…not another one.

Waiting for your breakup or infidelity story,

Lady Antoinette

Does anyone else feel this way? Maybe you feel different? Either way share your thoughts below!


3 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian is Engaged and Other Stuff I Could Care Less About

  1. I completely agree with you. When was the last time the media highlighted couples or marriages what were solid and exemplary or asked couples to share with everyone the secrets for a great marriage? That’s boring stuff to the media, so they “kill” us with this crap about someone like Kim.

  2. i so truley agree on what u r sayin!he really isn’t that cute if u ask me!the celebs relationships are just a joke i dont think that they marry eachother for love its only for the money nd becuz is more famouse than the other nd they use the one who is more famouse so that they can get up nd the rank nobody would of never knew who she was if it wasnt for that sex tape that she made with rayj

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