Day 12: What you believe.

What I believe!? You got a minute?  Have a seat _/ matter of fact this gonna take awhile…lounge out instead \_____/

I believe in God.

I believe that I am a sinner. I am in need of a Savior. I believe Jesus Christ is that Savior. He was tortured and crucified for me and hung on a cross. He was killed and murdered for me. He bore every sin known to man and conquered it. Then after three days He rose again. Overcoming death and overcoming the devil. The one we call satan who rules this world until the appointed time. I’ve confessed my sins to Jesus Christ and asked Him to come into my heart; to dwell within me; to take my life. I have been saved. I am born again.

I believe in Fairy Tales.

I thrived off of Disney as a child and it has never left my heart. I believe there is a Princess in each and every single little girl and they just tuck her away when they hit adulthood. Mine is out and in full costume at times! LOL 🙂

I believe there is good in all people.

I believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

I believe that life is what you perceive it to be. Change your mindset – change your life.

I believe that the world is so beautiful.

I believe there is always a solution.

I believe in true love.

I believe you should treat everyone from the janitors to the CEO’s just the same.

I believe you should not anger or be disrespectful to the people who handle your food in any way. They will spit in it. Oh yes, they will.

Ok, I’m tired! Love you and goodnight!


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