I’m In Love with Love

I’m in love

With love

I’m addicted to

The dizzying spells of euphoria

The scent of your cologne

The smell of your breath

Everything about you

I am in love with you


The way you make me feel

Everything is alright

When you are in my sight

I can’t get enough of you

Loving you

Touching you

Please stay with me, love


I need you

I am a feign for you

Can you


‘Feenin’ for me?

An addict for your ambrosia

Honey scented words washing over

Every part of me

Become one with me

Fall into me as I fall into you, love


I am so in love with you

I need you

Yearn for you

I take pleasure in anything


About you

I want you

I need you

On my knees, love

Let me cater to you, love

I love, love

How you love me, love

Violent love

Forcing me to my knees, love

A rush of wind knocked out of me, love

I can’t breathe, love





I don’t want to be a fool

For love


But what you do to me, love

Is beyond all comprehension

You make me forget who I am

Where I am at

Any pain I may be going through, love


You feel so good, love

Just keep me

Stay with me

Keep loving me, love

I love you

*Inspired by my friend Jacita, who is just as in love with love as I am.


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